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Thank you for your interest in the Kubota-Endorsed Property Damage Insurance Policy.

Annual policies through KTAC Insurance Agency are exclusively available for customers who have a term policy in a Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A finance agreement as well as customers who have made a cash or financed purchase of Kubota equipment at an authorized Kubota dealer within the last 30 days.

If you have recently purchased your Kubota from an authorized dealer or you are looking for an annual policy to protect your equipment currently being financed through Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A., please contact a friendly licensed KTAC Insurance Agency representative at 800-348-5802 (option 3) for a quote.


"We would like to let you know about a customer of ours that greatly benefitted from having KTAC Insurance available to him.  During the first month of operation, this customer accidentally damaged the radiator of his machine, but unaware he continued to use the equipment causing damage to the engine.  A simple phone call to KTAC was all it took to get the ball rolling toward a complete repair.  We were able to replace the engine with a brand new unit, and the only cost to the customer was his deductible.  This is just one small example of how valuable KTAC insurance is to our customers.  The deductibles are low, the coverage is excellent, and the claims process is quick and simple."  

- Farmbelt Equipment, Kubota Dealer (Brookhaven, MS)


"Unbelievable!  I reported the claim in the morning and you guys had the check out to the shop that afternoon.  Great!" 

- William E. Dillard (Frierson, LA)


"With KTAC you get the peace of mind of all-risk protection for the cost of a tune-up." 

- Country Equipment, Kubota Dealer (Oklahoma City, OK)




"We just wanted to thank you for the incredible service we received after our Kubota RTV was wrecked.  We had little hope that we'd get it back in time for our barbeque and you absolutely exceeded our expectations!  You made the entire process painless and effortless, and it was such a great joy to get our "baby" back as quickly as we did!  Thanks so much!"   

- Scott & Helen Carey (Quinlan, TX)



"I wanted to express my extreme satisfaction in my recent experience with a claim.  I spoke with Michael and Lisa, and both were very professional.  I'm a business owner and I deal with insurance companies every day.  I've never had such an easy and enjoyable experience.  You have two fantastic employees who are a great asset to your company.  Great job!"   

- Curtis R. Rhodes (Clever, MO)


"Through a driving error on my part, I started down my very steep paved driveway and had forgotten to place the tractor in 4 wheel drive.  I began a high speed slide down the driveway which ended in a serious turnover at a sharp turn.  I had my safety belt on and the ROPS were up.  I only received minor scrapes.  Kubota Insurance (KTAC) and Cahaba Tractor have provided excellent, efficient, and swift service.  I would never think of owning anything but a Kubota and would most certainly purchase it from Cahaba Tractor.  I sincerely wish to again thank everyone at Kubota Insurance and Cahaba Tractor for the service and attention they have given me."  

-  Ron Broglio (Vandiver, AL)


"The KTAC Insurance Company was on top of everything and got the process started and finished quickly.  I am very satisfied with my Kubota insurance."   

-  James R. Sparks (Angelton, TX)


"We had a great experience with our first KTAC claim.  The customer would have been responsible for a $4,200 bill against his tractor with just 10 hours on it; however since he opted for KTAC, he walked away with a $250 deductible."   

-  Neil Messick Messick Farm Equipment, Kubota Dealer (Elizabethtown, PA)



"Everything went smoothly and I got the glass for my tractor window replaced.  The process was easy and I had no problems."   

- Gary Smith (Hope, AR)


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